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A Bespoke simulated game platform from

simsail is two full size land yachts with state-of-the-art microcomputer
technology coupled to a powerful projection and sound system.

- An exhilarating sailing simulation for two players -
- The competitors control all the racing action from within the full scale land yachts -
- Ideal for exhibitions, shows and similar events -
- Not only fun for the participants, but also for an audience thanks to the full size screen -

3.5m x 2.5m screen captures all
the multiplayer action.

Full size land yacht as a game
controller - easy to sail

Fully customisable simulator
environments to race around

The in-game scenario is bespoke
meaning that any and all locations,
weather and situations are possible.
Fancy a race across Sydney harbour
bridge, or a time trial through the
streets of London ? Anything is


The whole of the simsail package
can be branded to suit your own
corporate identity - sails, projection
booth and even in-game graphics
tailored to reflect your image.

Maximum visibility

The 3.5 metre by 2.5m high screen is
guaranteed to get, and keep, attention.

Depending upon your preferences
regarding session time you can
easily expect to have upwards of
thirty people per hour experiencing
the simulator.

Quick to pick up and easy to sail,
the in-game land yachts provide a
level platform for all gamers whatever
their age or experience.

Proven to bring out hitherto hidden
levels of competition between players !

simsail is available, complete with a full
package of event management including
installation, to stand staffing through
to breakdown for any given event.

simsail is one of the simulators from the
simsation range of exhibition attractions.
For more details on this particular simulator,
such as pricings and availability, or for
information on any of the other simsation
products please contact us by :-

telephone : 0845 1651151
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